What's life without some Spice? These are jokes with a touch of the Best Humour i.e. Adult Humour in them. Only people aged 18 and above are advised to go in this section.


Dostee mein daraar

After marriage, ek baar Ramu ka ex-roommate Shamu uske ghar usse milne
aata hai. Ramu and his beautiful bride Situ really took care of Shamu.

He decided to stay there for the night. So, Ramu setup a dari and bedsheet for him on the verandah floor.

At this Shamu retorted, "khud bistar par aur mujhe zamin par? lagta hai dosti main daraar aa gayi hai!"

So,Ramu pacified him and setup a bed for him.

Shamu again retorted , "khud andar aur mujhe bahar? lagta hai dosti main daraar aa gayi hai!"

Ramu felt bad and set Shamu's bed in the drawing room.

Shamu objected, "khud andar ac room main aur mujhe bahar garmi main? Ek waqt tha ki ham donon sote the ek hi kamre main!"!

Ramu said that he was a married man now but Shamu again said, "lagta hai dosti main daraar aa gayi hai!"

Ramu's bedroom could accomodate only a bed and a sofa, so Ramu setup Shamu in his bedroom on the sofa where the ac was fitted.

After some time, Shamu woke up Ramu and said that he was uncomfortable on the lumpy sofa.

At this, Ramu was very irritated and said,

"Hadd ho gayi yar!! A line has to be drawn somewhere!"

Shamu said, "Bas kya!! tu shadi ke baad ek dam badal gaya hai. lagta hai dosti main daraar aa gayi hai!"

Ramu, the good soul that he was, relented and let Shamu sleep on the bed. His wife slept on the left side of the bed, himself in between and Shamu on the right.

After some time Shamu again complained that he wanted to sleep in the middle of the bed as he kept falling off the bed when he changed sides.

Ramu wailed, "This is too much, yaar! There is a limit to everything..."

Shamu became very emotional and said, "Bas kya, you don't trust ME? lagta hai dosti main definitely daraar aa gayi hai!"

Finally, good old Ramu gave in again, and let him old pesty pal sleep between him and his wife.

In the morning, Shamu told Ramu, "Yaar, your wife is a very chalu lady. She held my tool all through the night !!!"

Ramu quietly replied "That was me, and not my wife. I just had to do it!"