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11 Lesser Known Forts In India

Bekal fort is near the Pallikkara village in the Kasargod district and is one of the best preserved in the southern state. The fort spreading over forty acres, has massive walls about 12 meters in height and is built of local laterite stones. It is a large fort, the wall and ramparts on the sea side being strong and interspersed by the bastions with openings for guns. The main gate is towards the east and was protected by bastions. A ditch surrounds the fort on the land side. The important features of this fort are the tank with its flight of steps, the opening of the tunnel towards the south, the magazine for keeping ammunition, and a wide ramp leading to the observation tower.

This tower provides a fascinating view of the surrounding area. From there one has ample view of all the important places in the vicinity and also has the strategic significance in ascertaining the safety of the fort. The voids in the massive laterite walls were used for placing guns.
11 Lesser Known Forts In India
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