What's life without some Spice? These are jokes with a touch of the Best Humour i.e. Adult Humour in them. Only people aged 18 and above are advised to go in this section.


Police Dog

On a hot day, a blonde stopped at the tavern for a cold beer, leaving his hound dog tied to a parking meter in front of the joint.

One beer led to another, and soon a cop came in and said, "Is that your dog outside?"

"Sure is", said the blonde.

"Well, I want you to know she's in heat", said the cop.

"No she ain't. I tied her in the shade".

"No, no! I mean she needs to be bred."

"That's stupid. How can a dog be a loaf of bread?"

The exasperated cop said, "I mean she needs to be f**ked!"

"Oh. Well go ahead and F**K her. I always wanted a police dog.