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5 things you didn’t know about love

Valentine's Day fever is in the air, and love is all around. But there are certain things about love that even the most seasoned couples are unaware of

Latest research offers new lenses through which to see love.

1. Love is not a private emotion
Change the notion that love is confined to a single person's mind. Research shows that when you connect with someone else, there is a moment of synchrony between the two of you. Gestures, biochemistries, even neural firings of the two people mirror each other. So, love is a biologically mutual wave that can flow through two or more bodies and brains at the same time.

2. Love secures the connection between the brain and heart
It is often said that people who are social and have a strong sense of community live longer. But why this is the case was considered a mystery until now. New research shows that when a random group of people are asked to learn ways to create small moments of love in their daily lives, it improves the function of the vagus nerve in the longer run. The vagus nerve is a key channel that connects the brain to the heart.

3. Love doesn't require suppressing negativity
Think about love as little moments of shared positivity, and you realise that you can experience love even if you — or the person with whom you are connected — is suffering. Love doesn't mean ignorance of negativity. In fact, it is similar to compassion in essence; some level of empathy and kindness are part of the melting pot called love.

4. Love is not exclusive
Love is not restricted to your inner circle of friends and family members. If they are the only entities that come to mind when you think of love, you are constraining opportunities for growth and well-being. Science says that you can experience real moments of connectedness with anyone, a soulmate or even a stranger, as long as you feel safe and secure while establishing it.

5. Changing your views on love changes your capacity for it
You can use minute moments of connection to make incredible turnarounds in your personal and professional life. When you take just a minute or two every day to think about whether you felt attuned to another person (or people), you start the process for a slew of benefits and the release of happy hormones. Now that you know more about how love works, why not start this practice today?

By Kasmin Fernandes, TNN